WP Login Welcome Pro SALE!

WordPress Login Welcome Plugin has been released as a Pro Plugin. At this moment, that’s why we are going to give you a supper offer of SALE! Yes, this is a really fantastic opportunity to grab your copy right now.

Our regular price is $29 of the plugin. But now its only $17. Really its a big deal if you need this one.

What is WP Login Welcome Pro?

WP login welcome is a WordPress plugin which can give you a nice way to edit your WordPress login page. Also you can add a Welcome Message option in your WordPress login page. This system is first time in WordPress. We have added 3 main options in our plugin-

1. Login Page Logo: WordPress login page logo can be change by this plugin easily. Just create your logo & upload it. Its really a simple way.

2. Login Page Background: If you want to change your WordPress login page background color, its also a simple way. Just pick up your color & save. Background color has been changed as your direction. Also you can add a image, photo as a WordPress login page background.

3. Login Page Welcome Message: Login Page welcome messages system is the first time in WordPress. This is really a helpful way. Basically membership website can use the plugin for their members. So they will see a randomly a message when the will login. That message can assign you from your admin page easily. Its very simple. So you can add new, update & delete existing messages.

More Options?

Yes, available! You can change login page form background color, text color & links color. So you are able to change the login page as your website color scheme. That is really a nice way for you.

No need to expert on Web Programing to setup the plugin. Just click & setup the plugin easily. Thats all.